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Parallels CD

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Track Listing

1. Like Whiskey At 11am
2. S*** is the Business We're In
3. Tax Fraud
4. [Untitled]
5. Savant of Scum
6. Devil is Double is Deuce
7. Simulated Encounters With God
8. [Untitled]
9. On Accidental Purpose
10. The Gravel In Our Guts

Heikousen are the new incarnation of the first Translation Loss release put out under their previous moniker "Mykado"! "Parallels" features members of Rosetta (Dave Grossman) and the core writing duo of Josh Mahesh (guitars) and Dan Dalton (drums) and encapsulates progressive metal and hardcore to a T with a little Dimebag Darrell worship to boot!

Recorded at The Skylight by Vince Ratti (The Minor Times, Turmoil, Bury Your Dead) and accompanied by stunning artwork by Mike Wohlberg / The fatkidillustrations, “Parallels” offers up a crushing tour de force of progressive metal.